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COVID - 19

The world-wide outbreak of Covid-19  in January 2020, has shown us how ill-prepared we all were to manage a large scale pandemic.  In the intervening months, not only hospitals but entire countries struggled to get adequate and essential medical supplies without huge delays. We understand the immense pressure that this Pandemic is placing on health care facilities and can provide innovative and timely solutions that address the changing needs of the world. Our products and equipment are all CE, FDA certified.

iNSTAXPORT  Viral Transport medium (VTM)  is a specially designed  transport system for collection, transport, maintenance and long term freeze storage of clinical specimens containing viruses in active form, including Covid-19.  Care Caribbean under our private label Eselans Medical, provides comprehensive CE approved supplies shipped direct from the factory, making our prices some of the most competitive in the market. CONTACT US if you would like to receive a sample.

Care Caribbean provides a wide range of solutions for new build projects as well as for retrofitting public and private hospitals and laboratories to manage large scale Covid-19 testing, offering a range of PCR machines from international manufacturers as well as, other laboratory and medical equipment to facilitate on-site as well as mobile and airport testing.


We also carry a cross section of  CE and FDA certified Covid-19 test kits, from real time PCR kits to rapid tests as well as having access to some of the more innovative testing solutions as they come to market.  


Tips and Pipettors are essential tools in any functioning laboratory.  Care Caribbean supplies a cross section of tips filtered, graduated, low retention in a wide range of volumes as well as the corresponding Pipettor if necessary.  Shipped factory direct and always in available supply. CONTACT US if you would like to receive a sample.

Need more details about Covid-19 kits, equipment and resources from Care Caribbean. CONTACT US   

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