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Care Caribbean offers international clients a one stop medical supply-chain solution; that sources, procures, consolidates and delivers seamless air and sea shipments, with operations and logistical HQ in Shenzhen, China, Chennai India and administrative hubs in Singapore, Guyana and USA. Care Caribbean strives to deliver only the highest quality internationally certified products at the most competitive price to our global clients.


  • Medical  and Laboratory equipment and consumables such as VTM, tips and plastics

  • Laboratory equipment & supplies

  • Reagents

  • Certified PPE

  • CE , FDA & HSA (Singapore) registered COVID-19 Rapid Tests and full PCR Tests

  • PCR Machines

  • Bio Safety Cabinets, Refrigerators etc.

The present Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that many hospitals, medical supply distributors, laboratories and even Governments are lacking reliable access to the Chinese/Asian supply chain. The language barrier has severely limited their access to suppliers and often caused much frustration and at times even miscommunication and bureaucratic mis-steps, which at times have led to shipments being severely delayed.  Care Caribbean has a foot in both markets as the principle is a Guyanese based in Singapore with over 20 years experience in logistics, she has an understanding  of and connections throughout the Caribbean market as well as a deep insight into how business is conducted in Asia.  

In Asia we manage our own logistical operations through operations in Shenzhen City,  and Chennai, India where we are able to consolidate supplies from manufacturers all over Asia and execute timely global shipments to our clients via sea or air freight.  In USA, we manage our logistical operations from our base in Miami. 

Care Caribbean also offers a procurement consultancy service for all medical and pharmaceutical supplies, the outfitting and retrofitting of private and hospital laboratories,  as well as new build hospital and laboratory projects with equipment sourced globally. 



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